What I Look For

When evaluating new opportunities, there are a few key things I look for.

  • TechnologyI enjoy working in the technology field.  I have immense respect for software developers, network engineers, and other “geeks”. It is important to work in a field that is inspiring, and for me, that is technology.
  • Experience & Skillset Growth – My primary interests lie in design, data-driven marketing, and content strategy.  Every marketing dollar or hour spent is a waste if the message isn’t reaching the intended audience.  Crafting the right message, delivering it to the intended audience in the right way, and showing data-based evidence of the outcome should be considered critical to marketing programs.
  • Mentors & Leadership – For every expert, there is someone (or more accurately a lot of someones) that person can learn from. I’m no different. I look for opportunities to work with people that I can learn from and can inspire my professional growth.  Conversely, I appreciate opportunities to mentor others who are just getting their start in the field.

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